The Purpose of Meditation a talk by Swami Kriyananda | Be the ChangeIn this hour long audio MP3 from our archives, Swami Kriyananda discusses the purpose of meditation.

More talks on meditation and yoga philosophy are available from Treasures Along the Path.

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  1. I do my internet browsing from a public library. I would love to be able to download this mp3 to listen at home as I have been able to do with other Ananda material. Maybe this is something that you can look into/take on board as constructive feedback? Thanks! (PS: I did what I’d call a “good” meditation this morning and more than covered my small daily pledge. Having the pledge in mind during the day during those odd moments of introspection is a good discipline and stops me becoming too focussed on my own selfish thoughts).

  2. Right after posting my comment I tried right-clicking a second time and, as if by magic, what had previously appeared as an “HTML” link now appears as an mp3 download.

    How quickly the universe answered 😉

    If at first you don’t success…


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